Fab Lab Oulu collaborates with ComnPlay Science EU funded project

Fab Lab Oulu is collaborating with ComnPlay project, providing instructors for a series of digital fabrication workshops targeted to young kids and families.


INTERACT Research Unit from Faculty of Information Technology and Electrical Engineering  at University of Oulu in partnership with the european funded COMnPLAY Science Project is organizing a series of workshops, during two months, in order to approach digital fabrication to small kids (6-12 years old) and also to families. Kids attend twice a week (~ 3 hours per session) to Business Asema Fab Lab (Oulu),  where they work in their own projects utilizing different Fab Lab processes such as 2D/3D modelling, laser cutting, vinyl cutting, 3D printing, embedded programming and electronics. An instructor will support and guide the kids during their work. Some groups are formed by families (generally mother/father + 1 or 2 kids). In the last case, both kids and adults collaborate together in the project.

From the research perspective, the goal of the series of workshops is to study interaction among kids, adults and instructors when working in a non-formal learning environment. INTERACT researchers are collecting data during the sessions that will be later analyzed. 

Fab Lab oulu is collaborating by providing the instructors who guide the kids during the activity. 

COMnPLAY Science Project  aims to help Europe better understand the new ways in which non-formal and informal science learning is taking place through various coding, making, and play activities that young Europeans are nowadays increasingly engaged with, outside school and higher education science classrooms, beyond the formal boundaries of science education.

For more information about the research contact Behnaz Norouzi: behnaz.norouzi@oulu.fi.

Some pictures can be found in our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/fablaboulu/posts/890593064811844

Last updated: 27.11.2020