Workshop: Digital Fabrication in Education

Thursday, November 23, 2017 to Friday, November 24, 2017

Digital Fabrication Workshop for students in the Faculty of Education and educators!

Fab Lab Oulu organizes a 2 days introductory workshop on how to apply principles of digital fabrication in learning environments. We will introduce the basic process of digital fabrication and provide opportunities to get familiar with software and machines in Fab Lab. It will be a great chance to understand the possibilities to use digital fabrication in your learning and teaching. Target of the workshop is students in the faculty of education and teachers. Instruction will be in English. 

For students in the Faculty of Education,
if you attend the workshop and present the report, you can participate in 5 credits course (407061A Open workshop).

Day 1: Thursday 23th of November 9am-4pm
Topic: Design and machines
Introduce the facilities in Fab Lab and example cases of using digital fabrication in education.
Brainstorming and projects proposals.
Design artefacts using design software.
Produce artefacts using the machines (Laser cutter, Vinyl cutter).

Day 2: Friday 24th of November 9am-4pm 
Topic: Programming
Write simple programming of Arduino
E.g. blink LEDs and move servos
The day will end with a presentation of student’s work.

If you would like to participate the workshop, please fill the registration form.

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Last updated: 14.11.2017