Fab Academy 2018. Projects

Fab Academy, an international education program on digital fabrication, graduates nine students from Fab Lab Oulu in 2018


For third year in a row Fab Lab Oulu has participated as a node in the Fab Academy program. Fab Academy is a 6-month learning experience where students learn how to make almost anything. During this period, Fab Academy program teaches their students how to envision, prototype and document their own projects offering hands-on training on digital fabrication tools and processes. Among those processes are included electronics fabrication, embedded programming, 2D and 3D modelling, 3D printing, molding and casting and machining.Fab Academy is where many new fab lab managers, gurus and teachers get their training in digital fabrication. In 2018, 81 nodes from all around the world has participated in the program. The Academia is directed by Neil Gershenfeld director MIT’s Center For Bits and Atoms (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA).

Fab Academy is a distributed (not distance) educational model. Students learn in local workgroups, with peers, local instructors, and machines; all connected globally by content sharing and video for interactive classes. Every week, students build a small project that is presented to the rest of the community and Prof. Gershenfeld via videoconference. At the end of the season, students must present a final project in which they show the acquired skills and the capacity of integrating different process in the same project.

During Spring 2018 Fab Lab Oulu has instructed a multidisciplinar group of eight students majority of them being researchers or students from different faculties of the University of Oulu (Information Technology and Electrical Engineering, Technology and Education). The topic of their final projects has gone from an hydroponic system with PH control to an orrery lamp (dimmable lamp that simulates the movement of the solar system), passing through a modular helmet or a customized remote control for video games. Both, final projects and weekly assignments had gone through a strict evaluation process.  Each student has had a local and an external evaluator. All graduated will get their diploma in a graduation ceremony that will take place in Toulouse (France) as part of the Fab14 conference (16.8-22.8), one of the most important congress on digital fabrication in the world.

In 2017, Fab Academy program counted with a total of 285 students and 184 graduates (64% passing rate).During the three years as a Fab Academy node, Fab Lab Oulu has excelled graduating all its 17 students (3 in 2016, 5 in 2017 and 9 in 2018).  Currently, Fab Lab Oulu is the only node in Finland who has succeed in graduating any Fab Academy student. Fab Lab Oulu has always given a lot of importance to the education and training of its students. Fab Lab Oulu node count with a highly qualified team of instructors,  each one being a Fab Academy graduate and members of the Fab Lab staff. In 2018, Fab Lab Oulu counted with seven instructors.

You can find more information about the projects of our students in their portfolios: 

If you would like to participate in Fab Academy during 2019, stay tuned. We will publish more information after summer.

Last updated: 17.9.2018