Sustainable Christmassy Making Workshop

Thursday, November 29, 2018

This event is part of the international festival of MAKE SMTHNG Week. (Read more here: Let's put consumerism aside by making some Christmas ornaments with recycled materials! Come to the workshop and we will help you to modify and personalize some ready-made designs that use recycled materials. In the process, you will learn how to use the laser cutter!

Who should register to this workshop?

Teams of adults and kids! We would like to provide the opportunity for kids to discover the joy of making together with their parents/grandparents/ aunts/ uncles. It is going to be fun! Also it would be a great opportunity for you to learn about Fab Lab facilities!

What is the age limit for the kids?
We are welcoming families with kids older than 5 years old.

Do you need to pay?
NO! This workshop is free.

Do you need to have any prior knowledge in design and making?
NO! The workshop is suitable for everyone with or without design and making knowledge! 
Our MAKER team, including some Fab Academy graduates, would act as your mentors and help you during the process if needed.

Do you need to register?
YES! Due to the space limitations, for every 2 children participating, 1 adult is required to participate.

Do you need to bring anything with you?
1- Laptops: We suggest to bring your own laptops. But in case that you cannot bring it, we provide you with laptops.
2- Computer Mouse: it is easier to design using the mouse. So bring your mouse.
3- Memory Stick: bring your own memory sticks.
4- Material: We will have recycled material available for everyone to use. But you may bring any spare material that you have at home such as fabric, papers, ribbons, aluminium candle holders, cardboards and anything else that comes to your mind. 

Do you need to install any program?
YES! We use Inkscape for designing. It is a free and open-source vector graphics editor. For the sake of time saving, we recommend you to install it beforehand. You can download it from

Ready to make your Christmas Christmassy?
Register from here:

Do you need to cancel in case that you would not be able to make it?
YES! Other queueing families could participate!

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Event location

Fab Lab Oulu

Event address

Erkki Koiso-Kanttilan katu 3. Room TF132-135. Oulu. Finland

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Last updated: 10.12.2018