MSc Study Programme

The Faculty of Biochemistry and Molecular Medicine offers two Master's study lines in Biochemistry and one joint Master's programme with University of Ulm.

Teaching language in programmes is English

All study lines offer flexibility for students to specialize in the aspects which they believe will most benefit their future career, including courses from the outside of the faculty, while at the same time having timetables which allow completion of the degree within two years.

A student with suitable BSc degree or equivalent higher education degree which has consisted minimum of three (3) years of full-time study and enables the applicant to apply for higher university degree (master) studies in his/her home country can apply Master’s programmes (120 study points).

Students who have not yet finished the BSc degree can apply as transfer students (does not include the international MSc programme).

More information about the application process and selection criteria for programs:

MSc in Protein Science and Biotechnology & Molecular Medicine Programmes (in Finnish)

MSc in Molecular Medicine with a double degree from University of Oulu and University of Ulm

Last updated: 23.2.2017