Transfer students

The students can apply as transfer students to study the BSc in Biochemistry degree followed by MSc degree. Note also that some BSc level studies are in Finnish and the applicants have to be able to study in Finnish. Applicants are asked to prove their Finnish language skills in the admission process. Both MSc level study lines can be studied in English.

Entry requirements for BSc (180 study points) followed by MSc (120 study points) are:

  • applicant has studied at a university for at least one study year
  • applicant has enough study credits as evaluated by the faculty
  • applicant can justify the transfer with social or other reasons and that the resources of the faculty allow intake of the student

The applicant must hold study rights for a similar or related subject at a university or other higher educational institute in Finland or abroad. The applicant must not have finished the BSc degree for which the study rights are held yet (degree not to be granted before 31st of July). Also a student holding a study right in foreign university can apply as transfer student.


Application period for transfer studies is 2nd of May – 16th of May 2018 by 15.00 (+2 GMT) and application is done in Studyinfo portal. In addition to Studyinfo application, applicant has to send  a free format description of previous studies, a justification for transfer of study rights and certificate(s) of previous studies primarily by email to hakijapalvelut(at) Please, name the attachments as follows: Surname, First name. If there are several attachments, number them accordingly: Surname, First name1.

Attachments to the application can also be send as paper copies to:

PL 8100
90014 University of Oulu
The send  documents should contain your name, personal ID number and programmes you are applying to. If your want to have response that your attachments have arrived, write also your email address to the attachments.
If the required attachments are not received by the application deadline, the applicant is not taken into consideration in student selection.

Last updated: 9.11.2017