University of Oulu, 2019

University of Oulu collects worldwide everyday experiences of the corona crisis

The University of Oulu collects information worldwide on the effects of the coronavirus crisis on people's everyday life. Experiencing the Pandemic project material will be used in a variety of disciplines, including in dealing with potential new crises.

The project documents the worries and woes of everyday life caused by the pandemic, and also pleasant, but different from normal experiences. Respondents are free to share their own experiences and thoughts.

Stories and thoughts have multiple uses. Among other things, they will help develop new human-centric technologies that can potentially reduce the impact of future crises. The results produced by the project will be transmitted to policymakers nationally and internationally in order to mitigate the effects of future crises through timely and correctly rated policy action and better preparedness.

The disciplines involved in the project include sociology, educational science, psychology, ubiquitous technology and cultural studies. In the processing of large data and refining ideas generated from the survey, tools that lean on the principles of crowdsourcing are used. Collection of the material has been started and will be collected for as long as the pandemic situation requires. Analysis of the data will be initiated and preliminary results will be published as soon as possible.

The project offers respondents the opportunity to participate in other crisis-related studies worldwide. Experiencing the Pandemic page has been translated into several languages and, in addition, with an automatic translation that relies on artificial intelligence, it works practically all over the world. The University of Oulu is carrying out the project together with the Slovenian University of Maribor.

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Last updated: 9.6.2020