Kuvassa vasemmalta Vasiliki Mylonopoulou, henkilöstöjohtaja Jarmo Okkonen ja Pia Askonen.

Equality and Diversity Awards to Vasiliki Mylonopoulou and Pia Askonen

The Equality and Diversity Committee of the University of Oulu has given the 2019 Equality and Diversity Award to former doctoral researcher Vasiliki Mylonopoulou and Management Assistant Pia Askonen.

Vasiliki Mylonopoulou

Vasiliki Mylonopoulou has been active in raising awareness and initiating actions related to dyslexia and learning disorders. For example, she has presented in Researcher’s night an example of how a person with dyslexia can navigate through the PhD studies. With the support of the Doctoral students’ section, TellUs, the language centre and study psychologists of the university, she has arranged a learning disorders event, where some participants realised that they may have a learning disorder. She has also written social media articles about dyslexia (e.g. Research Blog), and participated in international research community events for working on equality and diversity. At the moment she is building a proposal for a COST action which could bring together researchers interested in examining how technology can help people with learning disorders, and how to influence Europe’s policy so that people with learning disorders would be better integrated into work life.

Pia Askonen

For newcomers from foreign countries, Pia Askonen is a life saver. She prepares “survival packages” to help newcomers from foreign countries to settle down. She provides hands-on assistance in renting apartments, local registration, opening bank accounts etc. She also introduces local policies, rules and habits to newcomers. For others, Pia Askonen is an information provider, or an enthusiastic distributer. She always reminds of those important announcements or information from the university or other official organizations and helps in various practical matters, such as visa extensions, family reunion, tax refund etc. Besides doing all these impressive things, Pia Askonen also expresses her interests in cultures and histories and understands concerns and worries of foreign employees. More notably, Pia Askonen is a reliable bridge between foreign employees and supervisors, or the Finns at the faculty of Biochemistry and Molecular Medicine. Pia Askonen has made the values of the University concerning improving equal and diverse working and studying environment visible and touchable.

In the picture from left: Vasiliki Mylonopoulou, HD Director Jarmo Okkonen and Pia Askonen.  

Last updated: 14.10.2019