Research groups


Lauri Eklund

Vascular morphogenesis

Caglar Elbuken

Micro/nanofluidics and Biosensor Research Group

Tuomo Glumoff

Structural biology of glycosylation machinery

Kalervo Hiltunen

Peroxisomes and mitochondria in lipid metabolism of a cell

André Juffer


Peppi Karppinen

2-Oxoglutarate-Dependent Enzymes as Novel Therapeutic Targets in Diseases

Alexander Kastaniotis

Mitochondria and Lipids

Thomas Kietzmann

Oxygen sensing and oxygen-dependent gene expression

Inari Kursula

Molecular mechanisms of parasite motility

Petri Kursula

Structural biology of the myelin membrane

Lari Lehtiö

Structure, function and selective inhibition of human ADP-ribosyltransferase

Aki Manninen

Regulation of Epithelial Cell Functions by Integrins and the Extracellular Matrix

Johanna Myllyharju

Key Enzymes in the Synthesis of Collagens and the Response of Cells to Hypoxia

Steffen Ohlmeier

COPD and related pulmonary diseases

Taina Pihlajaniemi

Conserved Collagens in Cell–Matrix Homeostasis

Lloyd Ruddock

Mechanisms and applications of disulfide bond formation

Seppo Vainio

Mechanisms of Organogenesis

Rik Wierenga and Rajaram Venkatesan

Protein crystallography and structural enzymology

Last updated: 28.10.2020