Selected Publications

Onwukwe, G. U., Kursula, P., Koski, M.K., Schmitz, W., and Wierenga, R.K. (2015) Human Δ3, Δ2-enoyl-CoA isomerase, type-2: a structural enzymology study on the catalytic role of its ACBP-domain and helix-10. FEBS Journal, 282, 746-768.


Krause, M., Neubauer, P., Wierenga, R.K. (2015) Structure based directed evolution of a monomeric triosephosphate isomerase: towards a pentose sugar isomerase. PEDS, 28, 187-197.


Daniel, E., Onwukwe, G.U., Wierenga, R.K., Quaggin, S. E., Vainio, S., Krause, M.  (2015) ATGme: Open-source web application for rare codon identification and custom DNA sequence optimization. BMC Bioinformatics, 16:303, DOI 10.1186/s12859-015-0743-5.


Onwukwe, G.U., Koski, M.K., Pihko, P., Schmitz, W., and Wierenga, R.K. (2015) Structures of yeast peroxisomal Δ32- enoyl-CoA isomerase  complexed with acyl-CoA  substrate analogues: the importance of hydrogen bond networks for the reactivity of the catalytic base and the oxyanion hole. Acta Crystallographica D71, 2178-2191.


Janardan, N., Harijan, R.K., Kiema, T-R., Wierenga, R. K., Murthy, M. R. N. (2015) Structural characterization of a T1-like thiolase (MSM-13) from Mycobacterium smegmatis. Acta Crystallographica, D71, 2479-2493.


Krause, M., and Wierenga, R.K. (2016) Towards new non-natural TIM-barrel enzymes using computational design and directed evolution approaches. In “Understanding enzymes: Function, Design, Engineering and Analysis”, Editor: Svendsen, A.S., Pan Stanford Publishing Pte. Ltd, Singapore, pp561-611.   


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