Protein Science and Biotechnology

A recording of MSc in Protein Science webinar organized on November 1, 2016 can be watched from this link.

The faculty offers an international MSc degree programme in Protein Science and Biotechnology. Applications for entry into the MSc degree programme from international students are required to be submitted via the national university admissions system between November 1st 2017 and January 24th 2018 at 15.00 (+2 GMT). More detailed information on application procedure is available at University of Oulu International Master's Programmes admissions pages. Please ensure that all documents listed are returned with the application.

Programme specific admission and selection criteria in brief iclude that the applicant must have or be about to obtain a BSc or MSc (or equivalent), from an institution of higher education, in biochemistry, or a closely related subject, with excellent grades and have a good working knowledge of English. Candidates with a BSc or MSc in chemistry, biology or related subjects will be considered if they have good working experience in biochemistry.

Based on these criteria selected applicants will be invited for a skype/telephone interview (in English) based on BSc level protein science, including relevant aspects of molecular biology. A maximum of 15 students will be selected to the Master’s programme based on the ranking of their performance in the interview. In the case of ties the written application will be used to separate the candidates. Completion of a BSc degree is obligatory to commence the MSc studies.

Students with limited experience of relevant practical skills or whose BSc or MSc lacks other components we deem essential for success on the MSc degree may be required to undertake up to 60 study points (equivalent to one year of study) of bridging studies. These bridging studies will be tailored to the needs of individual students and will appear on the final transcript for the MSc but will not be included in the 120 study points required for the MSc. Typically 6 study points of bridging studies are required and these run during the month prior to starting the MSc degree courses.

See International MSc in Protein Science and Biotechnology for details about the studies included in the degree.

Programme specific admission and selection criteria

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