Faculty Education Committee

The Faculty Education Committee:

  • Prepares the curriculum and practical matters of education
  • Evaluates the quality of education
  • Proposes the amount of intake of new students
  • Proposes the selection criteria of new students
  • Receives and accepts test lectures of docent candidates.

Also other tasks may be addressed to the committee.

Committee members:

Tuomo Glumoff, dean of education (chair)
Piia Rantakokko, chief administrative officer (secretary)
Jari Heikkinen
Joni Mäki
Alexander Kastaniotis
Anni Kääriäinen
Renata Prunskaite-Hyyryläinen
Susanna Kirsilä, student member, biochemistry
Elisa Myllymäki, student member, biochemistry
Bence Berki, student member (vice member)
Helmut Pospiech


Last updated: 27.2.2020