Before starting

  • The master thesis work is usually done in research groups of Faculty of Biochemistry and Molecular Medicine, or in some other university or research institute. You should discuss the project with the group leader. The work can be supervised by professors and docents. 

  • You can start the experimental work while you have 30 study points of MSc studies.

  • Fill in the Pro gradu experimental work –form  and remember the starting date and supervisor’s signature. Kaisa Tuominen or Jari Heikkinen will check the studies and take a copy of the form.

  • Before starting the experimental part of the Pro gradu the students must present a short research proposal to the Project Co-ordinator (Prof. Lloyd Ruddock). The proposal should be submitted 2 weeks before you plan to start and must be approved BEFORE starting the work. The proposal will be checked to ensure that the research has been well planned in advance.

  • The proposal is written in English by the student.

  • The proposal, typically two pages, has free format but it should include:

    •  the students name and contact information
    •  start date of the project
    •  supervisor(s) names and titles and the place where the work will be undertaken
    • a half to one page of background information (Why this project is important?)
    • about one page of experimental details (Purpose of the work, methods used in the work)
    •  If the work is building on previously published results it is useful to include references

Last updated: 20.4.2017