The experimental part

  • The experimental part takes maximally six months and the final written thesis must be submitted for review latest one year after the beginning of the experimental part.

  • The thesis is based on the results obtained during the first 6 months after your start date. You are allowed (if you want) to include an appendix that includes work after the 6 months, but it will not be considered by the examiners in marking the thesis.

  • Exceeding the set times without good reason will result in the work being penalized.

  • If there is a well justified reason for extension, this should be applied from the Project Co-ordinator. Good reasons may be for example sickness, breaking of critical equipment, being unable to obtain essential reagents or any other factors which cause delay through no fault of the student. The request of extension should be signed by student and supervisor. Any extension to the experimental part extends the write up period by the same amount.

Finishing the experimental part

  • Return the Pro gradu experimental work –form with closing date and supervisor’s signature to Kaisa Tuominen (office 25C on Mondays and Tuesdays) in order to receive the credits.

  • Laboratory note book must be supplied to the review process, in order to able the reviewers to check experimental details and critical dates.

Last updated: 4.6.2018