Writing of Pro gradu thesis

  • The student is responsible for writing his/her thesis and the supervisor's responsibility is to give guidance. The supervisor is not expected to undertake substantial editing or revision of a draft.

  • Each figure must contain in its legend, after the proper citation: "Permission to use the figure has been obtained from the publisher or the publisher has a policy to grant such permission automatically for use in theses". You must acquire permission for the use of copyrighted material (pictures, drawings, maps and photographs) by contacting the publisher. Some journals allow to use their material without permission if proper citation is used. This must then be announced on the web page of the journal. As an example, J. Biol. Chem. follows this policy (http://www.jbc.org/site/misc/Copyright_Permission.xhtml). So, please check this to avoid unnecessarily asking for permissions. Instructions and a template for requesting permission can be found on Oulu University library webpage.

  • The thesis must be written in clear formal style that follows norms of written language. The thesis must be formatted to comply the Instructions for writing Pro Grade Thesis. The general presentation (language and layout) is also a marking criteria of the thesis (link to marking scheme).

  • Instructions for publishing in the series Acta Universities Ouluensis and Oulu University library pages also contain useful information.

  • To see already published Pro gradu thesis is visit library Jultika web page.

The supervisor drafts a summary document (maximal one side of A4) to help the examiners. This should include comments on the student’s performance during the project (dexterity in the lab, attendance and enthusiasm, ability to plan experiments, ability to discuss data) and on specialized aspects of the final thesis (breadth and depth of introduction, appropriateness of methodologies, significance of the results obtained etc). This summary should also include details of any problems encountered during the project which should be taken into account e.g. equipment failure, sickness etc. Two copies of this should be passed on to Kaisa Tuominen. Supervisor can send the document also by e-mail Kaisa.Tuominen@oulu.fi.

Example of previous Pro gradu work

Last updated: 4.6.2018