Submission for review

You must be registered as a present student.

  • First fill in and send the maturity test to Kaisa Tuominen (

  • Remind your supervisor to send the supervisor´s statement to Kaisa Tuominen.

  • Kaisa will ask Dean of Education Peppi Karppinen to nominate the reviewers of your thesis.

  • Kaisa will subsequently fill in the necessary information to WebOodi (your name, title of thesis, name of reviewers).

  • Laturi, the submission tool, receives the basic information from WebOodi during night-time updates and you are able to do the submission on the following day. If you do not see the basic info there, then things are not ready yet (and you may contact Kaisa if you think it is necessary).

  • On the Laturi pages, please watch a 5-minute video on how to do the submission.

  • The thesis must be as a pdf/A type file (not the “normal” pdf) before beginning the submission. Converting Microsoft Word file to pdf/A is instructed in Laturi pages.

During the submission two choices needs to be done:

1. Visibility of the thesis:

  • Most of our Theses contain results that will be published in articles.
  • If the work is obtainable freely in the internet, this may compromise getting results published in articles, and also may give advantage to possible competitors.
  • Although legally the student has a copyright to his/her thesis, the student and the supervisor (and often other people) jointly have the copyright to the research results.
  • Therefore in most cases it is the advantage of the student to choose the “not visible in internet” option.
  • The visibility can be changed later on when eventual scientific articles have been published.

2. Checking of the thesis in the Urgund plagiarism detecting system

  • is highly recommended
  • proves that all students have done a honest work
  • guarantees that no other student or third party later on can misuse your material

Last updated: 14.9.2015