MSc Maturity test

If you have taken a maturity test for your Bachelor's degree and demonstrated proficiency in a selected language, an abstract of the Master's Thesis written in this language may be approved as a maturity test.

  • Fill in the Maturity test of MSc –form and send the filled form to Kaisa Tuominen (

  • In the abstract, the student should present and analyze the material, research methods and results of the thesis.

  • The abstract should provide the following information:

    • The topic of the thesis
    • The subject-matter, material and intention of the research
    • Research methods used (if the research is of a theoretical nature and based on certain written material, the main source books should be mentioned; if the research is of an empirical nature, the methods used should be mentioned)
    • Central research results
    • Conclusions and proposals for action made on the basis of the results
    • Keywords.
  • The length of the abstract should not exceed one page (font size 12, spacing 1.5).

  • The maturity test will be examined by a representative of the subject in question. The test will be assessed using pass/fail grading.

  • The decision regarding the approval of the test will be made by the Faculty Education Committee on the basis of the statement submitted by the examiner (teacher in major subject).

  • No credits are awarded for the maturity test.

Last updated: 20.4.2017