Reviewing of Pro gradu thesis

  • Bring the supervisor’s statement and your laboratory note book to Kaisa Tuominen at the same time when your thesis is ready for submission to Laturi for review.

  • Two independent examiners are appointed by the faculty and they have maximally three weeks’ time to suggest a grade.

  • The thesis is graded 0-5 based on the Pro gradu thesis marking  – scheme.

  • The examiners must also give a written statement to justify their opinion on the grade. In addition, they are obliged to offer the student a chance to receive feedback face to face.

  • The examiners have access to a statement from the supervisor of the student and the laboratory notebook to aid them in their deliberations.

  • The official decision regarding the grade will be made by the Faculty Education Committee on the basis of the statements submitted by the examiners. If the examiners do not agree on the grade, the Faculty Education Committee can decide the grade or invite a third examiner. The grade and the examiners statements are made known to the student as soon as the decision is made.

  • If the student is not satisfied with the given grade, they can make an appeal. This is free format and must make specific points justifying why the student believes the grade awarded is incorrect.

  • The appeal is addressed to the Dean for Education who will then appoint one or two additional examiners and the final mark will be decided in the next scheduled Faculty Education Committee meeting.

Last updated: 3.7.2018