Rules and regulations concerning a docentship

According to section 89 of  the Universities Act (558/2009), a person may be granted the title of docent on application. According to the University of Oulu recruitment principles (1.11.2019), the Vice Rector for Research may grant the title of docent to a person who has comprehensive knowledge of his/her own field, a capacity of independent research or artistic work as demonstrated through publications or some other manner, and good teaching skills.

According to the University Recruitment Principles, if the Dean finds that the applicant fulfills the requirements for the title of docent, the Dean will submit a proposal of appointment to the Vice Rector for Research. Statements are requested on the applicant’s academic qualifications from two reviewers, unless, for some special reasons, such statements are considered unnecessary. The Dean decides on the assessment method of teaching skills.  

To the applicant/reviewer of the docentship

When applying for a title of docent at the University of Oulu, Faculty of Biochemistry and Molecular Medicine, the following guidelines must be followed. The application should be submitted to Head of Administration electronically in pdf format and include the following:

  1. The application should be addressed to the Faculty of Biochemistry and Molecular Medicine, University of Oulu. The specification of the field of the docentship and the topic of the demonstration lecture should be stated in the application.

The demonstration lecture should be suitable for basic studies. The duration of the demonstration lecture is limited to 20 min. Specific instructions of the demonstration lecture and its assessment can be found here. If the applicant intends to apply for exemption from the demonstration lecture, this should be stated and justified in the application.

  1. A Curriculum Vitae, which should be drawn up in accordance with the instructions of the Academy of Finland (
  1. A list of publications and the corresponding publications.

The list of publications should be drawn up in accordance with the instructions of the Academy of Finland ( The title of docent is mainly academic. Therefore, in the assessment of the applicant, primary attention is paid to the quantity and quality of scientific publications. The Dean of the Faculty decides on the applicant’s competence. Therefore, it is important that he has an opportunity to evaluate the scientific merits of the applicant and not decide only according to the reviewers’ statements.

An article is considered as a scientific original article only if it essentially includes new research findings, which have not been published in other articles, and if the article has been published in a scientific journal. Any unpublished articles should contain a reference if possible as follows: “in press”, “accepted for publication” or “manuscript”. When creating the list of publications should a so-called Vancouver system be followed in chronological order, where applicable (e.g. Wilson D H, Thyson W T. Name of the article. Am J Clin Patol 1997; 29:762-770).

The publications must prove that the applicant has developed his/her own line of research and that he/she is actively engaged in research work. In the publications of the most central importance for the applicant’s field, the applicant must be the first, second or last author. In the assessment of the applicant, primary attention will be paid to the quality of the articles published or accepted for publication in international refereed publication series with reference to the applicant’s field. The minimum number of such publications is set typically to be 15 - 20. According to the main rules, patient case studies are not considered original articles.

IF-value of the journal, in which the article has been published, is one criterion for evaluating the scientific production. The Faculty expects the applicant to mark every publication with a reference of newest possible IF-value of the journal in question.

  1. An informal evaluation of 1 – 2 pages concerning the scientific production and essential guidelines of the future research, including acting as a tutor. It is possible to mention foreign post-graduate education, participation in international scientific conferences, conference presentations and grants, if not included in the CV. It is also possible to analyze how many times the applicant’s articles have been cited in literature.
  1. In the teaching portfolio or a corresponding document the applicant should enclose a report concerning his/her teaching merits (incl. possible pedagogic education) and a teaching development plan.

When the Faculty has received the reviewers’ statements about the applicant’s scientific merits, the Dean will ask the Education Committee to organize the demonstration lecture, and to give a statement about the applicant’s teaching skills. After this the Dean will decide whether to take the matter forward to the Vice Rector for Research of the University.

Contact person:

Head of Administration Tiina Hurskainen, Tel. 029 448 5100, e-mail: tiina.hurskainen(at)



Last updated: 2.1.2020