Molecular Medicine with a double MSc degree

Get a degree both from University of Oulu and University of Ulm.

Application period  from November 1, 2018 to January 23, 2019.

More information about the application process can be found here.

The main objective of the International Master programme of Molecular Medicine is to train students in the field of molecular biomedical research. The program brings together complementary focus areas at Universities of Oulu and Ulm offering the students a wider study curriculum than otherwise available in either university. Thus learning possibilities are unique and top in the field.

Focus areas of the programme are:

  • stem cell biology
  • molecular oncology
  • trauma research
  • immune defence
  • drug discovery
  • extracellular matrix research
  • hypoxia response research

Completion of this programme provides the student with highly specialized knowledge, ability for critical thinking and problem solving with skills to integrate knowledge from different fields. This programme trains students thoroughly in an area of application of molecular medicine. It enables students to engage in independent and creative research at the cross roads of medicine and basic science.

The double degree study programme in molecular medicine between University of Oulu and University of Ulm corresponds to a second cycle degree, master level (120 ECTS credits), giving access to doctoral programmes, equivalent to a PhD level in Europe. Studies leading to the double degree will last two years totaling 120 ECTS credits. Master of Molecular Medicine is based on a two year study programme: at least 1 year spent at the home institution and maximum of 1 year at the host institution, according to a study plan jointly defined by the home and host institutions. The first block of studies (15 ECTS) is spent at the home university and minimum of 30 ECTS credits has to be obtained at the host institution.

The learning objectives of individual courses of double deree programme both in the Universities of Oulu and Ulm is described here.

After successful implementation of a common double degree programme at both universities a certificate of “Master of Science in Biochemistry, study line Molecular Medicine" will be awarded from University of Oulu and “Master of Science in Molecular Medicine” from University of Ulm.


Last updated: 20.12.2018