Student Exchange

All degree students of the Faculty of Biochemistry and Molecular medicine can apply for a student exchange. This means that they can study a part of their degree in a partner university abroad. At the university level, there are several different exchange programmes and hundreds of universities to choose from. The length of the exchange is usually 1 or 2 terms after completing the first study year. The recommended time during Bachelor studies is the spring of third academic year and during Master’s studies the first autumn semester. Before applying for an exchange, it is essential to discuss your study progress and your study plan with your degree programme coordinator Jari Heikkinen. Student has to compile a study plan, in which it is agreed how the accomplished studies are accepted to the degree.

Erasmus exchange is coordinated by the Faculty. The University of Oulu International Services coordinate exchange programmes outside Europe. Please note that application period and deadline of Erasmus is different from the non-European ones.

Last updated: 3.3.2017