Neslihan Bayramoglu

Neslihan Bayramoglu currently holds a senior researcher position at the Research Unit of Medical Imaging, Physics and Technology (MIPT), Faculty of Medicine.

My primary goal is to develop methods for understanding and interpreting (bio)medical images efficiently in an automated manner that would make significant improvements and developments in medical research with an applicability in clinical patient care.

My current research focuses on the application of machine learning methods, deep learning in particular for medical image analysis. My previous research focused on analysis of 3D data including facial, biomedical and natural images/scenes. In addition to visible-light cameras, I have experience on data acquired from medical scanners (XRAYs, MRI), depth sensors including Time of Flight (ToF) cameras, Structured Light Sensors (i.e. Kinect), hyperspectral cameras, and microscopy (fluorescent microscopy, phase contrast microscopy, histology imaging). My research topics span deep learning, image processing, segmentation, classification, object recognition, visual tracking, image clustering, similarity retrieval, and (2D/3D) shape analysis.

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