Domestic Cooperation
International Cooperation

Future Manufacturing Technologies (FMT) cooperates not only with Finnish businesses, but also technical universities (The University of Tampere, The Lappeenranta University of Technology, and The Aalto University), VTT (Technical Research Centre of Finland), some universities of applied sciences in northern Finland, and from time to time the vocational education facilities in the north. FMT also runs the Materials and Production ­ forum for The Welding Society of Finland as part of its national cooperation.

The Future Manufacturing Technologies Research Group (FMT) operates in the Oulu Southern area and in Oulu. In the Oulu Southern area, we are located at ELME Studio, Nivala. There we cooperate with the Industrial Park of Nivala (NiTek), the Nivala-Haapajärvi region (NIHAK), and engineering partners of The Federation of Education in Jokilaaksot (JEDU).

Our most important partners are the engineering companies of the Oulu Southern region. In addition to these, we cooperate with the cities and subregions of the area.

NIHAK , the Nivala­Haapajärvi region, is our closest partner of the Oulu Southern subregions and it provides significant funding. Within the subregion, the Town of Nivala in particular is in close cooperation with us.

The greatest cooperation with secondary education facilities is done with Nivala Vocational College (NAO), which is a part of The Federation of Education in Jokilaaksot (JEDU). We also work with The Oulu University of Applied Sciences and The Centria University of Applied Sciences at Ylivieska.

Within The University of Oulu, we are a part of The Center for Advanced Steels Research (CASR) and cooperate closely with The Faculty of Technology.