Future Manufacturing Technologies (FMT) research group

FMT is a multi-disciplinary research group that works as a part of the University of Oulu Kerttu Saalasti Institute. The group’s operation focuses on transferring the best properties of metallic materials, especially steels, as superior factors in final 'products, using cost-effective production methods. The research group’s activities are based on utilizing the most recent manufacturing technologies and materials in design and fabrication of lightweight and robust structures. Our research areas cover various topics in advanced manufacturing technologies from the efficient utilization of special steels to cost-effective production automation and additive manufacturing.

The Future Manufacturing Technologies research group was started in 2004. During this time, we have executed over 30 publicly funded projects and we actively apply for new research and development projects with both new and old partners alike. We produce new scientific knowledge on new manufacturing technologies through the projects, while also developing the technologies for companies to use and increase their competitiveness. Our projects have had a clear positive impact on many of the participating enterprises. We also offer our expertise in the form of consultation and case studies for companies and universities.

The FMT group main laboratory facilities are in ELME Studio, Nivala, which is an production studio of advanced manufacturing technologies. A part of the group also works at the university’s main campus in Oulu, in the faculty of technologies’ facilities in collaboration with other material and manufacturing technology research groups. The FMT is a part of the steel research center CASR (Center for Advanced Steels Research).

We are also active writers in the scientific community. Our researchers have written over 100 academically published papers in the last 13 years. You can browse through them in the “Guides and publications” section below.

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