Domestic Cooperation
International Cooperation

The most important international partners of Future Manufacturing Technologies (FMT) are The Luleå University of Technology in Sweden, The Suez Canal University in Egypt, and The Friedrich ­ Alexander ­ Universität Erlangen ­ Nürnberg (FAU/LFT) in Germany.

The cooperation with The Luleå University of Technology is mostly related to the laser technology. Our laboratory in Nivala is involved in Luleå TU's CyberLab network, which is used for example to educate laser technology. In cooperation, we have realised two Interreg Nord ­ projects.

The cooperation with The Suez Canal University involves Prof. Atef Hamadan research areas, material science, fatigue and corrosion, electrical conductivity as well as friction stir welding (FSW).

The cooperation with The LFT is special steels and aluminum alloys linked. There are two researcher exchange periods to The LFT, as well as multiple shorter visits.

In addition to these partners, we have had ­ and will have in the future ­ cooperation with other universities and research institutes from time to time, related to the individual series of tests and necessary special equipment needed to implement these tests.