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Future Manufacturing Technologies (FMT) research group's on-going projects:

Efficiency from additive manufacturing - Hybridi (1/2018-12/2020, 746 kEur)
In this project, the FMT group researches different manufacturing technologies applicable in post-treatment of 3D printed metal. The aim of the project is in trying to find methods to improve usability and tailoring of the desired features of the printed products. The research is conducted in the ELME Studio in Nivala. The objective is to create an efficient research and manufacturing environment in Nivala, which specializes in 3D printing and other manufacturing technologies, where all the strengths of different technologies can be integrated together with additive manufacturing.
The project develops post-treatment of 3D printed material by focusing on the desired features and purpose of the end-product, namely lightness, strength and other chosen features. The project researches and develops already existing post-treatment processes and methods in e.g. laser-based 3D printed metal products by experimenting with laser annealing, coating and heat-treatment. As a result, the project will produce researched knowledge and skills in integrating different manufacturing technologies with additive manufacturing in production, which in turn will fortify the research and manufacturing environment's ability to serve the businesses in the area with new competitive manufacturing solutions.
The project runs for three years. The partners in the project are the city of Nivala and NIHAK. The project is funded by the European Regional Development Fund.

Efficient Structures -TeRa (9/2018-8/2020, 625 kEur)
The Efficient Structures project seeks to promote the low carbon requirements of society through the material, energy and emission efficiency of structures. The development of design and manufacturing of efficient structures leads to more cost-effective products, enabling competitive manufacturing costs with low ecological footprint. In the project design and manufacturing methods for technically and economically efficient structures are developed.
The strategic choices of smart specialization in Oulu Region are the base for the Efficient Structures project. The project is supported by specialty steel expertise and engineering expertise in the utilization of new materials and in the weight reduction of the structures.

Micro Combined Heat and Power System for Households (H-CHP) (9/2017-8/2020, 1.99MEur)
The purpose of the H-CHP -project is to promote the uptake of Combined Heating and Power systems (CHP) in sparsely populated northern regions using solid renewable biomass and gasification methods that will be appropriate for remote households.
The Northern Periphery Area has abundant natural fuel resources but is subject to a harsher climate than the rest of Europe and this results in the need for increased domestic energy. Attempts to exploit natural energy resources for households has been mixed, and as a result, there is significant fuel poverty in the region. A key component is the high cost of electricity.
We propose a new affordable solution that uses local renewable solid biofuel in a small-scale micro CHP system.

Metal 3D preparation laboratories launch - Me3Lab (1/2016-12/2019, 1,5 MEur)
Me3Lab is a project led by Nivalan Teollisuuskylä, or Nivala Industrial Park, in which the FMT group is a partner. The objective is to improve the Nivala ELME Studio's - as well as the Industrial Park and the FMT group's - ability to provide services related to manufacturing to the local businesses, and thus help improve the area's industrial competitiveness. In the investment portion, the Nivala Industrial Park acquired a metal 3D printer. The project's development portion centers on the applied research and demonstration of the 3D printer. The research focuses on unique materials the printer renders possible to print, and suitability and cost-effectiveness with the production of the locally made goods, with 3D printing either as the primary or partial methods of production.

Arctic Platform to Create, 3D-Print, Test and Sell - C3TS (8/2017-12/2019, 987 kEur)
The project's overall objective is to improve SME's international competitiveness by making 3D metal printing more widespread as a manufacturing method in Northern Europe. Metal 3D printing technology makes it possible to make more innovate product design structures with lower production costs. The technology also lowers environmental emissions as it reduces the amount of phases in the production line and decreases the amount of material that goes into the manufacturing process.

New businesses from innovative system level product and service solutions - ULTRA (8/2016-7/2019, 670 kEur)
The FMT group is a partner in Oulu University of Applied Science's ULTRA project, where we design and build a four-wheel vehicle on land for research and test purposes. The vehicle runs on hybrid power and its frame is made from especially strong yet thin steel plate honeycomb structures. In addition, the vehicle will be fitted with the necessary sensors in order to measure the forces while driving, as well as follow the driver's driving pattern and course of action. The collected data will transfer wirelessly in real time to a cloud server, where the collected information will be analyzed for development purposes. Experimental research will provide new knowledge on system level product design, testing and manufacturing methods. The project is active from August of 2016 to September 2019. The objective of the project is to improve Northern Finland's manufacturing businesses and their design service provider's capabilities to design and make system level products as a whole instead of one component at a time.