Checklist for Students Going on Exchange

Exchange Orientation for students on exchange during the Spring term 2019 was organised on Nov 14. All the materials from the presentations have been sent to the students by email.


Study Plan/Learning Agreement

• Get to know the courses offered by universities you are applying to.
• Show your study plan (Learning Agreement) to your Departmental Coordinator at the University of Oulu and have it approved and signed (1 study point (opintopiste) in the University of Oulu is equal 1 ECTS point (for students going to Europe)
• University of Oulu recommends that students study 30 credits per semester/60 credits per academic year during the exchange period. The host university may also have requirements concerning the courses and/or the amount of credits per semester. You need to comply with them.
• Check the course information in case of changes and inform your coordinator.

Paperwork at the University of Oulu

• After you have received the Acceptance Letter from your Host University apply for a grant in the SoleGRANT system. More information available here.
• It is compulsory to register as present in the university and the Student Union, ie. pay the membership fee to the Student Union.

• Erasmus students need to take a compulsory OLS language test before and after exchange. Students will automatically receive a link to the language test by email.

• Attend Orientation for Outgoing Students (Erasmus/Destinations Outside Europe), you will receive an email invitation to the orientation.

• Apply for a residence permit, from Finland or from your home country well in advance.

• Get the European Health Insurance Card form KELA if you are eligible for it.

• If you are on regular medication, take some medicine with you, as well as check its availability in the host country. Check if you need vaccinations.


• Take an insurance that covers the whole duration of your exchange. Your insurance should cover the entire duration of your exchange including travels to and from the host country and possible travel during your exchange eg. on holidays.
• Insurance of the University of Oulu is not valid during the exchange period!
• Some people think that taking an insurance is overreacting and even waste of money. However, every year there are students who need the insurance coverage to cover unexpected medical conditions.


• Remember to apply for housing in time!
• Finding an apartment varies depending on the destination and exchange programme. Helpful information can be found in the feedback given in SoleMOVE by previous students


Paperwork at the Host University

• Tuition fees are not applicable for students participating in an exchange programme.
• Students might need to pay, for example, for teaching materials, membership fees and corresponding costs.
• Take with you extra passport photos.

• If you are travelling to Europe, take with you the European Health Insurance Card as well as your own insurance. Host university may also provide some kind of insurance for the students. Find out more as soon as you arrive.
• If needed, contact International Services at the University of Oulu:

Advertise Oulu

• Marketing materials available here.
• If you keep a blog during your exchange, please send us the link.


• Take with you a Transcript of Records from your host univeristy as well as detailed descriptions of courses, literature lists, etc.
• Transferring the credits is done at the Faculties in Oulu. Read more about how to start the process of recognition.

Scan and upload mandatory documents in SoleMOVE:
- Letter of Confirmation with exact dates of study (Erasmus)
- Learning Agreement and possible Changes to Learning Agreement (Erasmus)
- Transcript of Records (all exchanges)
• Feedback through SoleMOVE (all exchanges)

  • Do another OLS Langugage Test (Erasmus)
  • Do Erasmus Survey (mandatory Erasmus feedback)

Last updated: 21.2.2019