In Demola, you will work in a multidisciplinary team solving real-life cases together with partner companies.

Demola is an international learning environment and innovation platform, bringing together students in various fields to form multi-disciplinary and multicultural project groups for solving actual work life related open problems. The teams will develop innovative solution models to the problems for companies and organizations to utilize.

Demola offers students an excellent opportunity to develop their readiness for work life and their problem solution skills. Students work in multidisciplined groups as experts in their own fields. This gives them valuable opportunities to try out what they have learned, and to develop their team work skills in actual work life related projects.

Demola offers students a unique window to the working life and international project work, as well as an opportunity to form new networks. Students get study points for their studies and also monetary compensation if the client wishes to license the product made by the students. It is also possible to connect theses to the studies.

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Last updated: 27.2.2019