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Student health care

The Finnish Student Health Service FSHS is an expert in student healthcare and provides targeted low-threshold services designed to provide long-term health benefits for university students. They offer services for general health, oral health and mental health.

Finnish Student Health Service FSHS

(Ylioppilaiden terveydenhoitosäätiö YTHS)

If you are studying for a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree or for a Licentiate of Medicine or Dentistry at the University of Oulu, you are entitled to use the FSHS's general, oral and mental health services.  The local unit in Oulu is located in the Linnanmaa campus area. 

Students are entitled to use FSHS services, provided that they have paid the annual health care fee.  From spring term 2021, the fee is paid to the Social Insurance Institution of Finland Kela once per term, i.e. twice a year.  You are not billed for the fee but are expected to pay it unprompted. 

If you are an exchange student from another country, you are not pursuing a degree in a Finnish higher education institution, and are thus not eligible for student health services. EU citizens can use the public healthcare services. Students from other countries must have private health insurance.

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