New Studets FAQ

Answers to frequently asked questions about registration, tuition fees and scholarship.

N.B. Next directives are for students who have been accepted to International Master’s degree programmes in 2019. If you have started your studies in 2018 or before and you have some questions, please send email to


Do I have to register?

Students who have been accepted into the International Master's programme must register as either present or absent each academic year. Students must register by the given date at the latest. Students who fail to register in time lose their right to study. top↑

Where can I do the registration?

First year students should follow the instructions in their acceptance letters when registering. More information here.

Second- and third-year students can find the information here.

Registration must be completed in the manner described above by the set date or the student will lose the study right. Please note that students removed from the register will lose their scholarships. top↑

Can I register as absent?

New students and students who already have a right to study for a degree and have been granted a new degree study right can register as absent for the academic year only by providing a document of legal grounds for absence. Documents need to be in Finnish, Swedish, or in English. Below is a description of documents that can be used to prove legal grounds for the absence.

  1. Order to enter service stating that you are undergoing service according to the Conscription Act (1438/2007), the Non-Military Service Act (S1446/2007), or the Act on Women’s Voluntary Military Service (194/1995).
  2. Certificate of maternity, paternity or parent leave from The Social Insurance Institution of Finland KELA, or if such proof is unavailable, a medical certificate of pregnancy. Alternatively, corresponding certificates of statutory parental leave from other countries' authorities.
  3. Sickness Allowance decision, or if such certificate is not available, a medical certificate stating which illness or injury is in question, and that the illness or injury prevents the student from starting their studies on August 1. Also, a detailed account applies on the practical arrangements required by the illness or injury that prohibits student from starting their studies, e.g. certificate by student housing foundation stating that the student is on a waiting list for a special needs apartment needed due to student's injury.

Those who register as absent cannot conduct studies in the University of Oulu. The study right period will not decrease for those who register as absent with legal grounds.

Status of the registration can be changed to ‘absent’ only during the registration period. The status ‘absent’ can be changed to ‘attending’ at any time during the academic year, but granted scholarships are forfeit if the student has been absent at end of the registration period for the first academic year for reasons not having legal grounds. top↑

Tuition fees:

Universities in Finland introduced tuition fees in 2017 to a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree programmes taught in a language other than Finnish or Swedish. The intention of the tuition fees is to emphasise high quality education. 

Tuition fees cover education and support for education in the University of Oulu. Tuition fees do not cover travel, housing or living expenses, nor do they cover student union fees. Students’ tuition fees will remain unchanged for the duration of the degree programme. top↑

Who needs to pay for tuition?

Foreign students are obligated to pay a tuition fee. Exceptions are citizens of EU and the EEA area, as well as Swiss citizens, who are not obligated to pay a tuition fee. The fee will also not be collected from persons who are comparable to EU citizens nor from members of their families. Those who have a European Union Blue Card, a continuous or a permanent residence permit or a long-term resident’s European Union residence permit issued to third-country nationals are also exempt from the fee. top↑

How much are tuition fees in University of Oulu?

The university will decide yearly on programme-specific fees for new students. For the Academic Year 2019-2020 tuition fees in University of Oulu are 10 000€ - 13 000€ depending on the programme. More informationtop↑

How can I pay my tuition fee?

Instructions how to pay the tuition fee will be sent to student via email only after student has confirmed the study place. Please read closely How to confirm your study place from the Information package 2019. Also, please pay close attention to the deadline to pay the tuition fee, 30th of April 2019. More information here. top↑

Can I get refund from tuition fee?

Reasons that entitle to a refund are:

  • Student has been accepted conditionally, and conditions are not fulfilled (study right is cancelled).
  • Student relinquishes their right to study during the registration period.
  • Student receives a negative residence permit decision and cannot enter the country, and therefore cannot carry out their studies.
  • A student’s residence permit status changes before the end of the registration period such that they are no longer liable for payment and the student has presented their new residence permit card before the end of the registration period.       
  • Education, to which a student has been accepted, will not be arranged or in so-called force majeure–situations.
  • In the case of a delayed decision by the Finnish Immigration Service (obligation to demonstrate).
  • Reasons fixed by law (e.g. sick leave).

Refunding of tuition fees will be carried out in full with the exception of any possible banking fees. Tuition fees are returned to the payer (e.g. sponsors). Otherwise, confirmation that the return can be made to another receiver is required. top↑

What if my studies last longer than two years?

In case studies prolong into the third year, a student can be exempt from tuition fees in the following cases:

  1. A serious illness, hospitalisation or pregnancy during the second year, which has hindered the progress of studies. In these cases, the student must provide for the faculty: a medical certificate, the child’s birth certificate or a certificate from The Social Insurance Institution of Finland KELA.
  2. Student was unable to complete the studies, which was not arranged. Matter will be verified by degree programme director.
  3. Student has completed the required studies, but completion has been delayed because the studies have not been evaluated. Student must provide statement regarding absent studies from person responsible.
  4. Completion of master’s thesis (or equivalent) is delayed because of lack of supervision or other reasons caused by faculty. top↑


Does university of Oulu have scholarships?

Yes, Scholarship for tuition fee. University of Oulu does not have any other scholarships or grants for living cost available. More informationtop↑

Can I apply for a scholarship?

Student who are obligated to pay tuition fee, can apply for scholarship simultaneously with the application period. Scholarships are only applied once, and the decisions are made simultaneously with right to study.  

A scholarship from the University of Oulu can only be obtained once and only to complete one’s first degree. The scholarship is personal and is granted for only one programme available in application. After the first degree, other international degrees include tuition fee. top↑

Can I postpone my scholarship?

Provided that a student legal grounds for postponing the starting of the studies, the scholarship will transfer to the next year. Scholarships cannot be postponed in other cases. More detailed instructions for postponing studies and tracking of realisation will be implemented by Academic Affairs, to ensure common practices. top↑

What do I need to know about the scholarship?

Scholarship decisions are always separate from decisions of study rights, even though scholarships are applied simultaneously with study rights. Reserve places for scholarships for tuition fees are not in use in the University of Oulu. Scholarships are granted for one year at a time. To retain the scholarship for the second year, the required amount of ECTS credits must be completed. Problems with progression of studies must be communicated to tutor teachers well in advance so that a study plan can be made for the completion of the required amount of credits during the appointed time frame. top↑

Can my scholarship be changed/transferred?

A scholarship can be forfeit if tuition fee obligations change. False information in the scholarship application and cheating during studies can result in forfeiture of scholarship. A scholarship will also be forfeit if rules set in the Terms and Conditions –document are broken. Forfeiture of scholarship does not affect to study right.

If a student who is liable for tuition fee changes from one University of Oulu International Master’s major/specialisation to another, student’s scholarship will not be transferred. top↑

Will I lose my scholarship if I get a negative residence permit decision?

In the case of a negative residence permit decision, a student can begin their studies during a later year but will lose their scholarship. Provided that a student has legal grounds for postponing the starting of the studies, the scholarship will transfer to the next year. Scholarship cannot be postponed in other cases. top↑

My application for a residence permit is delayed, what to do?

It is highly recommended and very important that a residence permit application is started as soon as possible after receiving the confirmation of the accepted study right.

In case the studies are delayed due to an application for a residence permit, student can postpone the beginning of the studies only for legal grounds. Delay in residence permit is not a legal ground. In the case of a negative residence permit decision, a student can begin their studies during a later year but will lose their scholarship. top↑


Last updated: 5.3.2019