Academic Affairs Service Teams and Counselling services are serving remotely

Because of the Corona virus situation the physical distance between people is recommended. Academic Affairs Service Points are closed until further notice. However, you can easily handle all the study related issues with Service Team members over the phone or online.  In addition counselling services are also serving remotely.

The contact information of the Academic Affairs Service Teams can be found from “For Students” website: choose from “For you” -drop-down-menu  your study programme. For quicker response, please state the matter in the “Subject” field, for xample: “Help for study plan / ITE study programme”.  

Please notice, that also counters at the service points are closed. In week 12, we will open Thu 16.3. open phone service which will serve in general study affairs (e.g. study rights, annual registrations, credit registrations, and graduation and preparation of degree diploma) on weekdays at 10-14. 

  • FBMM: +358 (0)294 487239 
  • FHum: +358 (0) 294 484022
  • FEdu: +358 (0) 294 484022
  • FMed: +358 (0) 294 487239
  • FSci: +358 (0) 294 484022
  • OBS: +358 (0) 294 484022
  • FTech: +358 (0) 294 484022
  • ITEE: +358 (0) 294 484040

General counselling services (Study Psychologist, study-, career- and career services) serve also online. If you have an appointment for counselling services, you will be contacted to discuss how online guidance takes place (phone, Skype, Zoom, chat, e.c.t.). Our appointment system works normally online More information

Last updated: 16.3.2020