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Autumn semester starts mainly with remote studying at the University of Oulu

The University of Oulu has decided to organize teaching remotely in Autumn between August 1 and October 25, 2020. Teaching is provided on campus only if it cannot be arranged remotely.

The orientation for new students will be organized in small groups on campus. This ensures that students starting their studies get acquainted with the university and have a chance to network with other students. Orientation days will be held on alternate days for students from different faculties. Students who are unable to come to campus for reasons related to the pandemic situation during the orientation are taken into consideration. Lecture-type events for all new students will be organized online.

The progress of students' studies is secured as well as possible. Tutor teachers monitor the progress of students' studies particularly closely during the exceptional situation and teaching arrangements and contacts the students if their studies do not progress as planned.

For students who, due to pandemic reasons, are unable to participate in on-campus teaching, progress of the studies will be ensured either by arranging replacing assignments or by enabling them to complete the course later when working on campus is safe. All students who can come to the campus despite the pandemic situation will be offered either guidance or other encounters on campus. 

E-exams and alternative assessment methods are mainly used to assess learning. The recommendation is to have on-campus paper exams only organized by the teacher and not as part of general exams. However, general exams can be arranged with a safety distance of 2 meters between students in the exam hall. 

The decision concenrs the first teaching period of autumn 2020, between August 1 and October 25. Decisions for the next period and onwards, will be made during August.

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Last updated: 9.6.2020