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Combined Exam-system OY and Oamk

Oulu University of Applied Sciences and the University of Oulu are combining the electronic exam system, Exam. The migration of the systems will be implemented during July 2020. A new, larger exam room will be built to Linnanmaa.

Oulu University of Applied Sciences and the University of Oulu are combining the electronic exam system, Exam. The migration of the systems will be implemented during July 2020. A new, larger exam room will be built to Linnanmaa, the exam room will be in use 17.8. latest. Other exam rooms are at Dentopolis (16 computers), Kontinkangas (Oamk 15 computers) and Oulainen (2 computers). One exam visit place will be opened in each exam room (excl. Oulainen), which can also be used by students from both OY & Oamk. For example student who is completing a minor in another HEI, can complete the exam as exam visit on the campus on which usually studies on. 

The 50-seat exam room will be built in room PR106, which is located near the junction of the universities, at the end of Kauppakatu. Noice cancelling headphones (which can also be used for exams) and hearing protectors are purchased for the 50-seat exam room so that the student can get full concentration peace if they wish. The doors of the exam room have an electric lock that is open 5min before the start of the exam and 30min after the start of the exam time. There are lockers for students' belongings in the exam room, only the key to the locker and the student card may be taken to the exam computer. For the special arrangements for the electronic exam, a form for requests will be made.  

In electronic exam, you can answer on paper when it is not possible to answer electronically. Information about answering on the paper is visible in the instructions available for students during the examination. The exams that are answered on paper are returned to the mailbox in the exam room. The envelope must have the name of the examiner and the internal postal address. The clerks will send the envelopes in the internal mail to the examiners. There is also a limited number of calculators in the exam room. Student ca see from the instructions for student during the examination-field if use of calculator is allowed on that certain exam. Own material is not allowed in the exam room, material (such as formulas) must are attached to the exam in electronic form. Exams, in which student can use their own material, must be conducted in other ways. 

What will change in Oamk? 
The Exam system at Oulu University of Applied Sciences will be run down. Exams are completed in Oamk Exam-system until 30.6.2020. The assessment of these exams can be found from the same system they were completed in until 31.12.2020 Starting from August 2020, the exams are completed in the mutual exam-system: https://exam.oulu.fi/, from which the assessments will be found as they are ready. The most significant change in the use of the system is the login address and access to exams taken before migration.  

The course code for the maturity sample will be specified in August. 

Support services are available at the electronic exam service desk (e-exam@oulu.fi). 

What will change in OY? 
The new exam room is located at PR106, which used to be a micro-hall for self-study. The micro-hall will be moved to the previous electronic exam room TL102. Student self-study machines can also be found in Pegasus, which has good capacity.  

The start times for the exams will become more flexible than before, and in the future it will be possible to start the electronic exam on even hours within the opening hours of the exam rooms. In addition, new times will be offered among the exam durations available for the teacher to select from. The University of Oulu's computer classes are available for students to use when there are no teaching reservations. Such as computer class TH107 in nearby of the current micro-hall. 

Support services can be reached from the academic affairs service teams. Technical support and questions concerning this migration are handled at the electronic exam service desk (e-exam@oulu.fi). 

The Exam system has a service break from July 6 to July 12, 2020, during which it is not possible to login to the Exam-system. 

Exam rooms in the autumn 
The electronic exam rooms have been open partially during the spring. The exam rooms will be opened on 1.8. in accordance with current official guidelines. Details of the situation in the autumn will be announced separately as soon as possible. However, the goal is to enable an electronic exam for students needing it. 

Last updated: 18.6.2020