Language Studies

Language courses organized by the Languages and Communication

At the University of Oulu the courses of language, communication and culture are organized by the Languages and Communication division of the Extension School. There are both compulsory and optional courses offered in the both domestic and many foreign languages. The study guides of each language can be found in WebOodi.

On our website you’ll find further information on the language studies as well as useful information on the practicalities related to the language studies, such as study permissions.

Language studies in the Open University

The Bachelor’s and Master’s degree students of University of Oulu may take language courses as open university -studies and include them into their degree.

Open university language courses organized by the Summer University of Northern Ostrobothnia

The language courses are free of charge for the students if their own faculty has granted permission to include the courses into their degree and has committed to pay for the courses. This, as well as the name of the person granting the permission has to be marked in the course registration form.

In case the faculty will not cover the expenses the students will have to pay for the courses themselves.

Last updated: 21.2.2019