Oulu University, 2017

E-exam process

  1. A student makes an agreement with a teacher on taking the exam in Exam-system in an electronic exam room.
  2. A teacher creates the exam in Exam-system and publishes it with a certain time period. A personal exam is available only for a certain student. A general exam is available for all students.
  3. In personal exam (maturity test) teacher conductes an exam for a certain student, for example a student taking the maturity test to his/her exam (no need for a student to register for exam in Exam system)
  4. In both personal exam and general exam a student makes an reservation for electronic exam room Examinarium(date and time and number of the computer and seat). Reservations can be made 30 days ahead.
  5. A student takes the exam in e-exam room on a computer in the Exam system.
  6. In personal exams teacher gets an email that a student has completed an exam in Exam system. In general exams a teacher gets a weekly report on reservations and on exams waiting for evaluation.
  7. A teacher evaluates and gives a grade for student´s exam in Exam system and locks the grade (Note: not in partial course study attainments)
  8. A student gets an email about the grade
  9. The grade is transferred from Exam system to Oodi system and an official registers the grade to Oodi (Note: not in partial course study attainments)
  10. The grade is in WebOodi and in Tuudo.

Last updated: 26.2.2019