Apply now for student financial aid for the summer months!

Students – apply now for student financial aid for the summer months!

You can get financial aid for summer study. You can get financial aid for attending lectures, tests, job training or working on a thesis, among other things.

To students in higher education financial aid for the summer months is granted in accordance with application. Financial aid is granted for the period you indicate in your application.

Remember that your annual income is checked and your academic progress in higher education is monitored

Higher education students must remember that taking out financial aid for summer study counts against their total eligibility for financial aid, which is calculated in months. Any summer months for which a student receives financial aid are also taken into account when checking the student’s annual income and monitoring their academic progress.

Kela checks study progress every year in October. The check focuses on the entire preceding academic year (1 August – 31 July). Credits earned in August count towards the next academic year's study progress.

How to apply financial aid for the summer months

Apply online for financial aid for the summer months. Log in to Kela's online customer service (in Finnish and Swedish only) using your online banking credentials or a mobile ID.

Alternatively you can complete and print out a notification of changes (OT 15e). You can send the paper application to Kela by mail or you can submit it to the nearest Kela’s customer service.

Remember to apply for financial for the summer in good time. The earliest you can get financial aid is the beginning of the month in which your application arrives.

If you cannot study in the summer and you do not have a summer job, you can apply to Kela for basic social assistance.

Last updated: 18.4.2019