KELA: Students – apply now for student financial aid for the summer months!

Students – apply now for student financial aid for the summer months!

Students who will be studying in the summer should apply for financial aid now, so that the applications can be processed and decided on before the summer studies start. Apply for student financial aid for the summer months online.

Students can get financial aid in the summer, provided that they will be studying during the summer months. Financial aid is granted for example for lecture courses, set book exams, on-the-job-training or for working on your final project or thesis.

Financial aid for the summer months is available in the form of study grant and government guarantee for student loans. Students who have been granted general housing allowance will continue to receive the allowance regardless of whether they are studying during the summer or not. Recipients of housing allowance must, however, remember to request a review of the allowance for example for summer earnings.

Simplified application process for summer financial aid for students in higher education

To students in higher education financial aid for the summer months is granted in accordance with application. Financial aid is granted for the specific period of time that the student has applied for. Higher education students must, however, keep in mind that taking out financial aid for summer study counts towards their total eligibility for financial aid, which is calculated in months. Any summer months for which a student receives financial aid are also taken into account when checking the student’s annual income and monitoring their academic progress.

Students in vocational education can get financial aid for summer study provided that the duration of the studies meet the requirements.

Students in upper secondary schools cannot be granted student financial aid for June and July 2019. The possibility of getting financial aid for these months will not become available until 2020. If the student in upper secondary school already receives student financial aid, Kela will automatically grant financial aid for August 2019, and it is not necessary to apply for it.

Applying online is easy

Students can apply for financial aid for the summer months by accessing Kela’s online customer service (in Finnish) or (in Swedish), or by filling in and printing out form OT 15e ‘Notification of changes, Financial aid for students’.

On the front page of the online customer service, you can, at a glance, check if your application has been decided on and when the payment will be made. The service will also tell you if your online application has been delivered successfully and if there are any supporting documents missing. The service requires users to log in with their online banking ID or a mobile ID.

Students in general or vocational upper secondary education must enclose a certificate from their school detailing their summer studies. Other supporting documentation can also be sent online.

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Last updated: 13.5.2019