Do this if you have previously acquired learning

Do this if you have previously acquired learning

1. Check that your prior learning complies with the learning objectives. Read more detailed information of recognition of studies completed in formal education or recognition of prior learning acquired outside of formal education, and make sure that you have all the required attachments in pdf-format. 

2. Fill in RPL application in OSAT system.

3. Attach the required attachments that as certified copies of certificates; pdf-copies of the original. Upon request the student must provide the original certificates. 

4. Note that if you have applied for regocnition outside of formal education, you may be required to provide further evidence of the prior learning or you may be invited to an interview or to take a test/exam to prove the level of your learning. 

5. You may follow the progress of the application in OSAT system. The decision-maker is the Education Dean or Head of the degree programme or such. You will receive a notification to your official student email when a decision has been made.

6. The decision will be recorded in the student information system by the Faculty Study Affairs. 

7. If you are discontent with the decision, you may complain to the Board of Examiners within 14 days.

An incomplete application that is not amended despite requests to do so will lead to a dismissing decision within one month.  

You can find instructions specific to your own study programme below.

Recognition of prior learning at Oulu Business School

The guidelines for recognition of prior learning at Oulu Business School are explained in the Study guide of Oulu Business School in WebOodi. Student should read carefully chapter 9. “Recognition of prior learning”, whether the student has done the studies in another institution or on exchange.

Master level studies done during exchange and transfer of credits

Master Level students going on exchange must have studied all Bachelor level courses and obtained their Bachelor Degree by the time they start their exchange period.

The course plan/Learning agreement must include studies worth 25-30 credits and the plan needs to be consulted and agreed on either by the student’s tutor teacher or by the responsible person of the major subject (Economics Jaakko Simonen, Marketing Pauliina Ulkuniemi, Accounting Hannele Kantola, Finance Petri Sahlström and International Business Management Sakari Sipola) or by the responsible person of the Master’s Degree Programmes, Sinikka Moilanen. Some of the courses are mandatory and they can only be substituted by similar courses (each course needs to be substituted one by one). The voluntary courses included in the Master Degree can be substituted on exchange by other Master level courses that are offered by the host institution. The RPL application is to be submitted in OSAT system with the code Additional Studies in (Marketing, Finance, etc), Advanced Level. The following courses cannot be done on exchange: Globally Responsible Business Course, Master Thesis and Traineeship.

Recognition of prior learning (RPL) refers to transferring credits through previously acquired skills and competencies. These competencies may have been acquired through formal studies or a variety of non-formal and informal means, including life and work experience. RPL is part of study planning and preparation of a personal study plan (PSP).

Faculty of ITEE processes credit transfers for courses belonging to the fields of Engineering and Information Processing Science. Language studies are dealt by the language center. Anyhow, student sends the application always through Student's e-Services OSAT-system.

How do I apply for recognition of prior learning?

First: Check with the responsible teacher of the course, if the teacher supports the application (i.e. is the course you are applying for, equivalent with the one you have done elsewhere). You will need a confirmation from the teacher, stating that the course replacement is accepted. This confirmation can be an email, received from the teacher (saved as a pdf. file).

Then, send your application through Student's e-Services OSAT system. 

You can login to OSAT-system at with your university user account. Only PDF-format (file extension .pdf) attachments are accepted. 

Required attachments for RPL-application are (pdf):

  1. Confirmation (for example an email) from the teacher, stating that he/she accepts the RPL of the course in question.
  2. Approved PSP in pdf-format (if you could not choose the substituted course directly from the electronic PSP).
  3. Documentation of education (such as certified copies of certificates and transcripts of records; pdf-copies of the original). Titles of programmes/courses must be provided in English.
  4. Course descriptions, containing information on course content, learning outcomes, learning methods, literature and credits. If a description is not available in Finnish, Swedish or English, the applicant must provide one in English.
  5. Applicants with a completed degree must attach a copy of the Diploma or Certificate (pdf-copies of the original) and, at least, the title of the degree earned in English (contained, for example, in the Diploma Supplement). If the degree certificate is not available in Finnish, Swedish or English, the applicant must provide a translation in English.
  6. Other relevant documentation to establish equivalent learning (e.g. employment certificate).

Study related support: study.itee(at)

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) in health sciences: see the course catalog of your degree programme.

Studification in health sciences:

for further advice on studification of student advocacy work, or of work studification, please contact your tutor teacher or the Faculty Study Affairs.

Last updated: 28.5.2019