Current issues for students

30.10.2018 News

University’s student recruitment fair Abipäivät will host over 5500 upper secondary school students – a new record number of visitors

University of Oulu has hosted the Abipäivät student recruitment fair at Linnanmaa campus for thirty years already. This year the event will take place on Wednesday 7th of November at 9-15 o’clock and on Thursday 8th of November 9-15 o’clock. Door 2T will be used as the entrance during the event.

We are expecting over 5500 visitors, 3100 of which will visit the event on Wednesday and 2400 of which on Thursday.

23.10.2018 News

Initiative to streamline work and career services

The University of Oulu has launched an initiative to enhance its services to students, enterprises and other parties engaged in career services.

19.10.2018 News

New FITech courses about to start – take technology courses online

Choose one of FITech courses or complete the whole minor!

16.10.2018 News

The University does not tolerate bullying or harassment

A report procedure has been put into place. Everyone has a responsibility to prevent bullying and harassment.

16.10.2018 News

Aapo service discontinued

Student browser operated service Aapo is no longer available after 31.12.2018.

15.10.2018 News

Take part in the business idea competition of University of Oulu and win 1500 Euros

Do you have a business idea that you believe in? Would you like to take it even further and at the same time get credits and money?

15.10.2018 News


The construction site of restaurant FooDoo causes changes to Virransilta 1st floor by blocking the passage to the north starting from 17.10.2018..

15.10.2018 News

1st floor of Virransilta out of use 17.10.-20.11.2018

The construction site of restaurant FooDoo causes changes to Virransilta 1st floor by blocking the passage to the north starting from 17.10.2018.

15.10.2018 News

Changes to Kontinkangas parking arrangements

Two parking areas in Kontinkangas have been changed into metered parking areas..

12.10.2018 News

An inspiring campus experience in sight – give your ideas

Once a month, we dive into the different sectors of the University Strategy during strategy-mornings. The next event is on November 14.

11.10.2018 News

Give feedback and win iPad?

Collected feedback will be dealt with at all levels of university administration from the degree program level to the Education Council level.

10.10.2018 News

Apply for the University of Oulu Mentoring Programme, application deadline October 29th at 12.00 (noon)

Info session for students (in English) October 17th at 13.00 at Tellus Stage – welcome!

Master’s degree and doctoral students are invited to apply for the Mentoring Programme. In the programme, you are matched with a university graduate, a mentor.  The mentor, an expert from your field, will support you in career planning and management. December to April, you get to meet with your mentor and discuss studies, your career aspirations or other issues you find important. Mentoring aims at supporting you in decision-making as well as career planning and management.

10.10.2018 News

Tomorrow Open coffee event for students and staff at 9.00 – 12.00 in Tellus Innovation Arena

Open coffee event for students and staff on Thursday 11.10.2018 at 9.00 – 12.00 in Tellus Innovation Arena

8.10.2018 News

The rescue plans are now in an electrical form

The staff and the students are recommended to familiarise themselves with new rescue plans.

5.10.2018 News

Wellbeing week sports 10.-11.10.2018

On Wednesday 10.10 and Thursday 11.10. all the workouts offered normally with the Sports Pass (OKKL) can be attended only with a student or staff card and you need not register in advance.

5.10.2018 News

Digipedatip: Teams


Do you need a digital platform for a group. Get to know Teams!

4.10.2018 News

No trespassing through Virransilta from East and West

Passage through Virransilta is closed from East and West due renovation.

3.10.2018 News

Together on campus: take part in an IG photo competition

Does some place on campus have a special place in your heart?

1.10.2018 News

Application round for student exchanges outside Europe open Oct 1-15

The application round for Destinations Outside Europe for 2019-20 is open Oct 1-15, 2018. The destinations available in this application round are in the US, Canada and Australia and ISEP destinations in the US and other countries. The exchange period is either Autumn 2019 or Spring 2020. See the call for applications for detailed information about the application process, infosessions and destinations included in this application round.

27.9.2018 News

The Shanghai Cube at Tellus Innovation Arena starts operations on the 3rd of October

The office would serve as a bridge for strategic cooperation between the University of Oulu and Shanghai University, and would function as a gateway towards the Chinese culture and businesses. 

24.9.2018 News

O365 email phishing message is spreading quickly, be careful!

Several warnings of the phishing of O365 credentials have been published during this year. Because of the quicky spreading of the phishing messages, FICORA (Finnish Communications Regulatory Authority) has classified the situation as critical.

21.9.2018 News

Moving ecosystems to caves for a more secure future — developing problem-solving and group work skills at the Future Factory

Powerful electromagnetic radiation caused by solar storms can interfere with or even break electrical devices. At the Future Factory competition group of mathematics and physics students thought about our ability to survive on Earth after a devastating solar radiation event — how can we prevent essential systems crashing if the ozone layer no longer protects us from such radiation.

21.9.2018 News

Student Affairs counters in Linnanmaa Campus are closed on Mon September 24th

Because of the whole day service break for WebOodi on Monday 24.9.2018 Student Affairs counters in Linnanmaa Campus (Service points in rooms KE1020 and TS107) are closed. Study Counselling services (Education Designers) are available normally.

21.9.2018 News

Oodi service break on Monday 24.9.

There will be a whole day service break for WebOodi on Monday 24.9.2018 starting at 9.00 a.m.