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UniOulu Exchange Ambassador Programme

Would you like to share your exchange experience and inspire other students of the University of Oulu to go on exchange? If your answer is yes, UniOulu Exchange Ambassador Programme is for you!

UniOulu Exchange Ambassador applications are now open and will close on September 12, 2019. Please apply here.

UniOulu Exchange Ambassadors are degree students at the University of Oulu who have completed part of their studies on exchange. The purpose of the UniOulu Exchange Ambassador Programme is to promote exchange study opportunities and encourage our students to go on exchange. As a UniOulu Exchange Ambassador, you want to inspire and encourage your fellow students to go on exchange by sharing your own experience. Your main task is to participate in promoting student exchange on university’s social media channels and website as well as take part in planning and creating events related to student exchange.

As a UniOulu Exchange Ambassador you will also work in cooperation with other UniOulu Ambassadors, university’s student exchange services, your faculty international coordinator, guilds in your faculty and the Student Union OYY. You will improve your communication skills and gain experience in performing, marketing and teamwork. You get to plan and create new things and have an impact on what the UniOulu Exchange Ambassador Programme will be like. UniOulu Exchange Ambassadors will be compensated for some of the duties while some tasks remain volunteering opportunities.

The first UniOulu Exchange Ambassador Programme will start in the Autumn 2019.  We will select up to 10 UniOulu Exchange Ambassadors representing each Faculty or School of the University.  UniOulu Exchange Ambassador Programme requires committing to the programme for a whole academic year.

You will go through a training programme after which you will feel confident in your role as a UniOulu Exchange Ambassador.  Please have a careful look at the schedule below; you need to be able to participate in the training sessions. Some training sessions will be organised over the weekend and after office hours to minimize coinciding with lectures. In addition to the training sessions, you will meet regularly with UniOulu Exchange Ambassador team leaders and the University of Oulu Student Exchange Team.

You can find the application form here.

All applicants will be interviewed and we will only consider applicants who attend the interview.

We will select up to 10 students for the pilot programme. Selection results will be announced to all applicants after the interviews.

More information:
The programme is coordinated by the Student Exchange Team of the Academic Affairs. Please contact us at international(at)

Application and selection

Application period. Apply here.

16.9.2019 at 9.00-18.00      
Interviews, time and place will be informed in the interview invitation.

Selection results announced to all applicants.

UniOulu Exchange Ambassador Training Programme 2019-2020

Attending the training sessions is mandatory.

18.9.2019 at 8.00-9.00
Welcome, new UniOulu Exchange Ambassadors!
Morning coffee with an introduction to the programme at Tellus Innovation Arena, Stage

7.-8.10.2019 at 8-16
Presentation and Selling Skills workshop by Langdons consultants (one-day training, you will pick either October 7 or 8). Tellus Innovation Arena, Business Kitchen Stage, Frost Club and Horizon

12.10.2019 at 10-15
Training session in Tellus Innovation Arena, Stage

30.10.2019 at 16-18
Training session in Tellus Innovation Arena, Stage

31.10.2019 at 16-20
Training session in Tellus Innovation Arena, Stage

After the training sessions, there will be a training session or a meeting approximately once a month.

Last updated: 6.9.2019