Who are the ones to co-create digital solutions for the future? How humans can be empowered to participate in the co-creation of digital environments to make the best out of it? What human-centricity means in digital transformation? How digitalization can create value and serve human beings in our everyday life?

The co-creation theme focuses on the creative, interactive processes of how people participate and collaborate in the shaping and making of the digital futures, taking place as part of their everyday lives and practices at work as well as during leisure time. We acknowledge that such processes are always value-laden and political, and ethical issues are always intimately intertwined with them. We appreciate the emerging forms of co-creation, collaborative innovation, participation, design and making that reconsider the traditional understandings of the roles of users and designers and the traditional contexts of technological innovation. Approaches that place emphasis on people’s empowerment and inclusion in designing, shaping, innovating and co-creating intelligent socio-technical futures are of interest. The complex intertwining of value co-creation and digitalization is under examination. Particularly GenZ aims at understanding and strengthening how human sciences and humans can better contribute to digitalization and to defining how emerging technologies shape the society and the future.  

What if digital future would be co-created by all of us?

Theme leader: Professor Netta Iivari