What competences will make possible positive co-evolution of humans and new technologies in the emerging digital era? What are the everyday capabilities that are needed to live, learn to live and learn to learn in societies driven by intelligent technologies? How do humans live, learn and interact with, around and even inside future digital technologies? What are the “seen but unnoticed”, often non-exceptional and routine ways in which technologies are integrated in our lives. How will different learning, interaction and communication processes be interconnected, researched and understood with new digital and intelligent technologies? How can these core human processes by supported by new technologies?

These are some of the questions we ask in the GenZ theme co-evolution. The theme focuses specifically on the entanglement of new digital technologies and human everyday life. We cannot just assume that digital technologies automatically improve the quality and conditions of life; technologies are possibilities rather than necessities. With research targeting the above questions, the ‘co-evolution’ theme aims to explain how we can strengthen humans to live rewarding and valued lives in the digital communities of the future. It will form the foundation for exploring and explaining the features that will empower humans and enable positive co-evolution between humans and intelligent technologies. Indeed, what if the digital future was not driven by digital technologies but by humans?

Theme leader: Professor Sanna Järvelä