EdTech companies, researchers and students brought together for co-creation

Co-creation is one of the main research themes identified in the GenZ profiling area. GenZ Hub aims to organize co-creation activities to enable the inclusion of different stakeholders in the development of better human-driven solutions in the new digital era. The first step towards this was taken recently as the GenZ project, LET research group and City of Oulu's 6Aika Smart Learning Environments for the Future project organized the Co-creation for future learning environments workshop on October 9 at the Botanical Garden of the University of Oulu. The workshop brought together three educational technology companies and 30 international students and researchers to collaborate and co-create companies’ EdTech products.

International projects and learning responsible Markus Packalen , Qridi, regarded the co-creation workshop as a brilliant opportunity to gain knowledge and get feedback as the participants were full of ideas. According to him, Qridi will continue to develop the formative evaluation and learning analytics tool with users also in the future.

 “This type of co-creation workshop was a new experience for us and it was interesting to hear ideas from adults,” said CEO Markus Syrjänen, Syrawise. He appreciated the positive feedback but also critique received from the participants towards their AR game (RescueBusters EduCycle).

Simua startup received important feedback for the further development of the Alvin AI assistant.  “It was good to get ideas from educational experts, rather than from engineers”, CEO Tommi Mänttäri , Simua, pointed out.

For the students and researchers, this type of co-creation workshop was a new experience as well.  The workshop also offered a practical demonstration of educational technologies in the field for the students and researchers. According to a  participant, "the relaxed atmosphere and the nice structure helped work together with the companies and be creative."  

Markus Syrjänen introducing the EduCycle AR game .

Participants testing the Alvin AI app.

The workshop was organized in conjunction with the SIG20-26 Workshop Current and emerging technologies in research for human learning and interaction by the LET research group.

Last updated: 18.10.2019