Call for GenZ pilot studies

What if the digital future was not driven by digital technologies but by humans? What do we need to do to strengthen human skills and capabilities and to enable a human-driven digital future?

GenZ profiling project opens a call for pilot studies for understanding and supporting interactions in the COVID conditions. The pilot studies should build and/or focus on, e.g., the following questions:

  • What are the human competences or skills needed for interaction and work in teams face to face and remotely?
  • How do different technologies affect interaction?
  • How can conditions for interactions be designed and supported for COVID/post-COVID needs?
  • How has the COVID epidemic transformed (facilitated, constrained or something else) the ways of expressing, understanding, and interpreting interactions?

GenZ provides funding for small-scale pilot studies for the research of interactions in the COVID conditions. The use of the LeaF infrastructure for the pilot study is encouraged (https://www.oulu.fi/leaf-eng/). LeaF offers modern facilities for the research of face-to-face interactions, human-computer interactions, and on-line, hybrid, and remote interactions. The pilot studies can support existing research projects or initiate and test new ideas. They can, for example, be part of PhD studies, stimulate the preparation of a research proposal, or start new research collaboration. The applicants must be based at the University of Oulu.

The GenZ funding can be used, for example, for covering costs for using the LeaF infrastructure and for hiring a research assistant for 1–3 months. Funded pilot studies must be completed by 30 May 2021. Funded pilot studies are expected to publish a conference paper or submit a journal article based on the study. They will also be invited to present their work at a GenZ seminar.

Send your application by 15th December 2020 to lotta.haukipuro@oulu.fi   

The application (max. 2 pages) should include

  1. a list of the responsible researchers (from the University of Oulu)
  2. a description of the research idea and explanation of how it relates to the COVID19 pandemic
  3. a one-page plan of the pilot study that describes the design and implementation of the LeaF resources), and
  4. a plan of how the funding granted by GenZ will be used.

More information

LeaF: Antti Siipo antti.siipo@oulu.fi
GenZ: Sanna Järvelä sanna.jarvela@oulu.fi, Lotta Haukipuro lotta.haukipuro@oulu.fi


Last updated: 20.11.2020