GenZ Talks videos published

GenZ Talks seminar 6.6.2019 "Strengthening human capabilities in the new digital era" videos:

Welcome and opening words: Director of the GenZ project, Prof. Pentti Haddington, University of Oulu:

Prof. Timo Honkela, University of Helsinki: The impact of cognitive technology for human value, communication and identity

Prof. Elizabeth Stokoe, Loughborough University: Can humans simulate talking like other humans?

Prof. Pentti Haddington: Discussant

Panel discussion with the keynote speakers and researchers from the University of Oulu: How to strengthen humanity in the new digital era?

(Moderator: Simo Kekäläinen, participants: Elizabeth Stokoe, Timo Honkela, Sam Inkinen, Tuija Mainela and Susanna Pirttikangas) 

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