Department functions

The Geography Research Unit is located at Linnanmaa Campus, in its classical wing, in the older part at the area of the door ”J”. Working facilities are in 3rd floor. All functions of the Geography Research Unit are based on high academic standards and education that is based on those standards. Main principle is that the researchers will teach those issues which they study.

The education is based on two step degree structures which are BSc-level and MSc-level.

The decision making of the Research Unit takes place in the management group of the unit. The management group works also as Quality Team, and as Teaching Development workgroup (“OKTR”, in Finnish) and as Research development workgroup (“TETR”, in Finnish).

The Reasech Unit and the Student Society of Geographers, “Altas”, will organize annually the feed-back seminar of the teaching, and the Alumni seminar.

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Last updated: 27.7.2016