Decision making

The Management group of the Department of Geography


Jarkko Saarinen, professor, chair
Toni Ahlqvist, professor
Jan Hjort, professor
Anssi Paasi, professor
Jarmo Rusanen, professor

Ossi Kotavaara, Post.doc. Researcher
Marja Lindholm, Doctoral student
Kaarina Tervo-Kankare, Post.doc. Researcher (deputy member)
Jonne Hytönen, Doctoral student (deputy member)

Noora Martinkauppi, Student
Salli Ojala, Student
Pauliina Järvinen, Student (deputy member)

Heli Vaara, secretary


Schedule of the meetings of Management group, spring 2017:

  • Wed 18.1.
  • Wed 22.2.
  • Wed 22.3.
  • Wed 12.4.
  • Wed 17.5.

Meetings are on seminar room FY311, at 13:45. (Changes for schedule are possible. Managent group may also have meeting by email (mostly concerning for approving the Master Thesis).

Last updated: 23.8.2018