Quality work and development

The Geography Researh Unit follows the quality of its teaching and its research in regular basis. Evaluation of the quality of research and education is based on Quality Manual the Department (QMD).

The QMD steers the functions of the Unit and makes visible those good practices that are used in both research and teaching.

The QMD is also a steering tool to familiarize new work force to the practices of the Unit. This manual is written Finnish but in all questions You may contact the Head of the Reseach Unit (Prof. Jarmo Rusanen) or the administrator officer (Officer of study affairs Katri Suorsa).

The Quality Unit of the University of Oulu

The Geography Researdh Unit has been awarded several time as The Quality Unit of the University of Oulu. Last time the unit achieved that status in 2010. In 2011 the Unit achieved award for excellent teaching results.

Last updated: 27.7.2016