University of Oulu 4.-5.11.2021

Our solutions

As the organizers of the event, we want to take environmental and social sustainability into account in our actions. Here are the solutions we made when planning and organizing the event.

  • This year, we are also inviting actors from outside academia. With the theme of the event Searching solutions, we want to emphasize the social impact of geographical research and the prospects of research in society and decision-making.
  • We plan the conference program so that it is possible to travel to Oulu by land. We have taken train and bus schedules into account when planning the program.
  • We offer conference guests an optional conference bag, but we encourage the guests to bring their own notebooks.
  • We strive for paperlessness. The conference program and abstracts are published in electronic form.
  • We take the environment into account in dinner and coffee break menus.