Post Graduate studies in Geography (Ph.D. in Geography)

In the department of Geography is possible to make studies of Doctor of Philosophy (PhD). Post graduate studies (PhD studies) are based on degree of the MSc (Master of Science) or refering Master-level studies.

The aim of the post graduate studies are that:

  • the PhD student will familiarzes his/her subjects matter and its social and academic meanings and gains readiness to apply independently the reseach methods and to create new academic infomation,
  • the PhD student will familiarzes to the tradition of his/her reasearch field, research questions and research methods, and
  • the PhD student will achieve understanding in the general theory of science and in the his/her own research field that ables to follow the development of the theory and practise.

The PhD students of Geography will apply the right to study from the Oulu Graduate School (UniOGS).

More information: UniOGS (Oulu Graduate School)

Last updated: 27.7.2016